Events calendar

The calendar has been held under the auspices of:

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LINK to the letter from Minister of Energy Krzysztof Tchórzewski with a confirmation of the auspieces over the Calendar.
LINK to the letter from Paweł Sałek, Government Plenipotentiary for Climate Policy, with a confirmation of the auspieces over the Calendar.
LINK to the letter from Kazimierz Grajcarek, chairman of the Secretariat of Miners' and Energy Workers in NSZZ Solidarność, with a confirmation of the auspieces over the Calendar.

Topics of debates and conferences planned for implementation in 2016:

  1. 25.02.2016
    Assumptions for amending the ETS directive – can the packeting of discussions on the ETS and non-ETS sectors be an effective method of optimizing the Polish path to CO2 emission reduction?
  2. 22.04.2016
     Forum of Low-Emission Economy within the Sustainable Energy Platform (in cooperation with the Ministry of Energy)

  3. 03.06.2016
     Coal and low-emission heat as elements of the Polish way to low-emission economy

  4. 08.07.2016
     12th International Conference NEUF 2016

  5. 24.10.2016
    Conference in the form of a debate:
     Low-emission transformation - a recipe for increasingly competitive and innovative economy
  6. 24.11.2016
    Conference in the form of a debate:
     Smart Living

  7. 15.12.2016
     12th International Conference Power Ring 2016.
    Conference organised under auspieces: logo_pl_0.jpg



  • Local balancing (study trip)
  • Annual picnic in Jasna Dolina

Other debates are planned for implementation, provided that Partners are found. Please follow the event dates in the online calendar at

Information on the debates and conferences is available from Ms Krystyna Kowalska, tel. +48 22 424 82 00, email:


Registration for the selected debates and conferences is possible solely via the online registration form available at the website of Procesy Inwestycyjne.

Procesy Inwestycyjne and ETA Association for Efficiency organise the conferences and debates under the  patronage of the Public Board for Sustainable Energy Development and in compliance with the content-related recommendations of the Board’s Presidium and members, in each case taking into account the event programmes.